p History of GIG - Golrang Industrial Group (GIG)

Mohammad Karim Fazli registered Golrang as a cosmetic and detergent brand.

GOLRANG Chemical - Manufacturing Company was registered.


Pakshoo was established.

 Dr. Mehdi Fazli, son of Mohammad Karim Fazli joined Pakshoo Company and developed production process.

Pakshoo Company produced the following products under Golrang brand: dishwashing liquid, bleach (whitener), glass washing and cleaning liquid, stain remover, and cloth softener under the GOLRANG brand.


The company started conducting research and development (R&D) activities in the field of products under the direct supervision of Dr. Fazli.

The company’s new products, including various types of shampoos, hand-washing liquid and products with unprecedented claims, were added to the basket of GOLRANG products.

GolPakhsh Company was established with the aim of marketing, selling and distributing some part of products of Pakshoo Company.

Hand-washing foam was produced for the first time in Iran by Pakshoo Company. 

GOLRANG Industrial Group(GIG) was headed by Mohammad Karim Fazli as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Dr. Mehdi Fazli was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the corporation.

Arian System Pardaz Company was established with the aim of presenting the most complete ERP system using the best experts, top designing systems and expertise planners.


Padideh Shimi Paydar Company was set up in 2005 with the aim of producing high-quality detergents.

Tiyan Gas Steel Company was established in 2005 with the aim of optimizing equipment of industrial kitchens and gas-burning appliances..

Dish-washing liquid and fabric bleach (whitener) was produced and supplied for the first time in Iran

Pakshoo Production – Chemical Complex, including five factories, was put into operation with the aim of producing detergents such as detergent powder and raw materials.

GOLRANG University of Applied Science and Technology was founded.

Marinasun Cellulose Industries Company was registered.

Pakhsh Padideh Paydar Company was established with the aim of distributing detergent.

Ofogh Kourosh Chain Stores was commissioned with the aim of direct supply of products of GIG.

In the same direction, production of tissue paper was started in “Marinasun Cellulose Industries”.

Golbarg Baharan Company’s factory was inaugurated with the aim of producing various types of food products including oil, canned food, tomato paste and tuna fish.
Aryan Pakhsh Pishrow Company was established with the aim of distributing products of Golbarg Baharan Company and also products of Dalin Mehr Factory.
Likewise, GOLRANG Media ran with the aim of distributing leading movies and series at Iranian cinemas.
GOLRANG Electronics Industries Company was established with the aim of reproducing and recording length-feature films (DVD), series, episodes, etc. presented by Golrang Media.

A medicine entitled “Betaglufit” was formulated and introduced with the mechanism of reducing cholesterol.

Pakshoo Organizational University was established with the aim of creating strategic integration and amity.

Pakshoo Company’s No. 2 Complex was inaugurated in 2013.

Pakshoo Industrial Group was established.
Golrang Industrial Group
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