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TQM seminar was held in Pakshoo headquarters

TQM seminar was held in the conference hall of Pakshoo headquarters on September 1st, 2016.

Total Quality Management seminar was held with the participation of Dr. Nissani, Mr. Sezavar, the CEO of Middle East Investment Mahd Group, and CEOs, Executive

Managers and committee members of subsidiaries of Pakshoo Industrial Group, Dalin Mehr and Marinasun.

In this event, Mr. Sezavar, CEO of Middle East Investment Mahd Group, discussed the necessity of alteration in today’s business conditions and culture. He also clarified the importance of TQM and the implementation of its concepts in the organization.

The second session of this seminar was attended by members elected by CEOs of Pakshoo, Dalin Mehr and Marinasun on September 4th, 2016. In this event, Dr. Nissani discussed the approach toward TQM with the participants and emphasized on the development of strategies of improvement, considering the TQM patterns.

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