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TQM seminar was held in Pakshoo headquarters

TQM seminar was held in the conference hall of Pakshoo headquarters on September 1st, 2016.

Total Quality Management seminar was held with the participation of Dr. Nissani, Mr. Sezavar, the CEO of Middle East Investment Mahd Group, and CEOs, Executive

Managers and committee members of subsidiaries of Pakshoo Industrial Group, Dalin Mehr and Marinasun.

In this event, Mr. Sezavar, CEO of Middle East Investment Mahd Group, discussed the necessity of alteration in today’s business conditions and culture. He also clarified the importance of TQM and the implementation of its concepts in the organization.

The second session of this seminar was attended by members elected by CEOs of Pakshoo, Dalin Mehr and Marinasun on September 4th, 2016. In this event, Dr. Nissani discussed the approach toward TQM with the participants and emphasized on the development of strategies of improvement, considering the TQM patterns.

Iranian Dental association signed a memorandum of understanding with Biodent brand

The memorandum of understanding signing ceremony between Iranian Dental Association and Biodent was held in Parsian Azadi Hotel.

As part of the ceremony, Biodent’s social responsibility project entitled “Biodent’s dental assistance” was unveiled. According to this project, Biodent, with the assistance of volunteer dentists will work on improving the oral and dental health condition of our compatriots in deprived regions.

In this ceremony, Dr. Ali Tajernia, Chief of Iranian Dental Association, restated: “Iranian Dental Association” does not sponsor any brand. This association has an academic position. The claims and the quality of Biodent chewing gums were studies thoroughly, by this association within several months. And we realized that Biodent chewing gums are produced with very high quality, and today this association proudly declares its approval of Biodent brand.”

The participation of “Masterfoodeh” in the exclusive exhibition of Islamic Republic of Iran in Russia

“Masterfoodeh” company introduced its products to Russian merchants during its 3-day participation in the Exclusive exhibition of Islamic Republic of Iran in “Expocentre” in Moscow.

Biodent’s prominent performance in this exhibition was to introduce its frankincense chewing gum, which appealed to the Russians.

In general, the high quality of “Masterfoodeh”‘s products attracted great attention of the businessmen and participants.

It is worth mentioning that, Dr. Khosro Taj, Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade, the Representative of the Iranian Ambassador in Russia, the Financial Counselor of Iranian embassy in Russia and the Russian Trade Minister’s spouse, visited “Masterfoodeh”‘s booth in this exhibition

The publication of the reference book entitled: “Nonionic Surfactants”, translated by two of our colleagues in Pakshoo

“Nonionic Surfactants”, translated by “Alireza Bonakdar Sakhi” and “Maryam Ahmadifar”, two of our colleagues in Pakshoo Industrial Group”, is now released.

This book is published by “Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research Publications” of Amirkabir University of Technology.

“Nonionic Surfactants: Alkyl Polyglucosides” by “Martin J. Schick”, is the 91st  volume in Surfactant Science Series, and is edited by Arthur T. Hubbard, from the University of California.



The publication of the book entitled: “28 business thinkers who changed the world”, translated by our colleague in Pakshoo

“28 business thinkers who changed the world” translated by “Babak Karimi”, our colleague in Pakshoo Industrial Group, is now released.

“28 business thinkers who changed the world” narrates the story and life of the individuals whose work is known throughout the world.

The 28 influential thinkers that are mentioned in this book include:

Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, The Google Duo (Sergey Brin and Larry Page), Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Anita Roddick, Ray Kroc, Rupert Murdoch, Peter Drucker, Ingvar Kamprad, Oprah, Sam Walton, Mary Kay Ash, Bill Gates, David Ogilvy, Meg Whitman, Mark Zuckerberg, Howard Schultz, Jack Welch, Michael Dell, Tom Peters, Ricardo Semler, Herb Kelleher, Andy Grove, Roman Abramovich, George Soros, Akio Morita

This book is published by “Dayereh Publications”



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